The Vikings were Nordic seafarers to raided and traded across Europe from the late 8th century to the late 11th century. The ventured away from their Northern Europe homelands to carry out these dangerous journeys and were fierce and skilled warriors who would crush their enemies. The Vikings were very religious people and believed in their own set of Gods including Odin the mightiest of all their Gods. They also believed that after death in battle they would reach the halls of Valhalla which is the setting of the NextGen Gaming slot title – Valhalla!

Our Verdict:

The Vikings are a fascinating part of history that has captured the imagination of many around the globe for centuries. NextGen Gaming perfectly encompass the Viking theme in their slot game Valhalla where players can spin the 5 reels and 10 paylines on a beautiful golden backdrop in the hope of cashing in big! On the reels, the Viking theme continues, and you will find an array of symbols such as longships, helmets, shields, and battle axes – all of the things you will need to help you battle your way to big cash wins! Spin its reels today to see if you can reach the Gods in the hall of Valhalla.

How to Play:

Whether you are a complete beginner to playing slots or a long-time pro, everyone can enjoy spinning the reels of Valhalla. If your budget is a little tight, you can always wager 10p per spins or those of you looking to reach the golden halls of Valhalla can spin today with a whopping £200 per spin. If you want to take home the top prize in this game, then you will need to achieve 5 of the famous Longboat ships that the Vikings used to sail with on their reels as this will grant you a whopping 2,500 credits!

Wild Symbol:

This game features one wild symbol, and you will find this popping up on reel 3 as you play. Odin had many maidens, and it is a beautiful blonde maiden who will act as your wild symbol on these reels. Her role is to replace the other symbols on your reels, and then this will help to form many more big winning combinations!

Valhalla Free Spins Feature:

It's all down to you to trigger the Valhalla free spins feature as players will need to increase their original bet to receive big bonus features!
Level One – Players can increase their bet 2x to turn wilds into expanding wilds
Level Two – Players can increase their bet 4x to turn wilds into expanding wilds and receive a re-spin.
Level Three – Players can increase their bet 6x to turn wilds into expanding wilds and receive 2 re-spins.
Level Four – Players can increase their bet 8x to turn wilds into expanding wilds and receive 3 re-spins.
Level Five – This is the top level that players can achieve playing this game and you will need to bet 10x your wager to turn the wilds on the third reel into expanding wilds and get 4 re-spins.