If you are getting fed up with playing the same old casino games over and over again then you should try out the Odd One in game by 1X2Gaming. This game is totally unique, so it's the perfect remedy to reinvigorate your online gaming experience. This innovative casino game sits between roulette and cards so you can enjoy the best of both words in one game. This table game is certainly a bit of an oddball but at the same time, it's oddly compelling. If that's got, you intrigued then keep reading to find out more on how to play it and turn your wagers into a big win.

Our Verdict:

The fact that Odd One in is totally different from anything else out there makes this game truly brilliant. 1X2 Gaming certainly brings something new to the table with this one. Despite being the oddball of the online casino world, you're guaranteed to have just as much fun playing Odd One in as you would with any of the more traditional casino games. What's more, the rules are simple so it won't take you long to get a hang on it. There's some serious cash to be won here if you pick the right numbers.

How to Play:

Odd One in is really easy to get your head round. When you enter the game, you'll see a table which is a bit like a roulette table but with cards instead of a wheel. The sections on the table are entirely different, and that's because the betting options are different in this game from roulette. This first thing you need to do is place your bet which can be anything from 10p right up to £200. Once you have done that the dealer will turn over two playing cards to reveal the total and if it matches any of your bets you'll win a cash prize.

Types of Bets:

There are up to 27 ways you can bet on this game, and it's entirely up to you what one you go with.  The table is split into 3 different sections. The top row allows you to bet on single numbers and suits. The middle section comprises of doubles and if you're a high roller who doesn't mind taking risks you might decide to bet on the bottom row as this comprises of single numbers and offers players the best odds. One significant difference between this game and roulette is that all the numbers are odd.


Like any type of online casino game, the size of your payout will vary depending on the way you bet. When you look at the table, you will see the odds at every position you can place your chips which will help you decide how you want to bet. The highest payout in this game is 75:1 for the number 3 which might be trickier bet to win but it will be worth taking the risk if you do.