Machine Gun Unicorn, what a name for a slot. There's no way that you would miss out on the chance to play a game which has a title like this, is there? This game will take players into a magical enchanted land where you will see unicorns running around with rainbows dressing the sky and the sun shining on the pretty landscape. With a title like this, however, you won't of course just be expecting all flowers and sunshine. Players will see zombies invading the beautiful kingdom, and it is up to you and the Machine Gun Unicorn to fend them off and restore peace to Ponyland!

Our Verdict:

There is no doubt that this hilarious, yet very strange slot game, would've been amusing to create, but it's also very fun to play as players will soon find out. The flesh-eating zombies are trying to take over the peaceful and magical world, and it's your job to stop them! Players will need to find big wins on the reels to stop a zombie invasion. Across the 5 reels, players will see 10 paylines and some weird and wonderful symbols appearing, but make sure you stay out of the way of the zombies to make this a magical adventure!

Wild symbol:

As you will already have imagined just from watching the intro for this game, the symbols will play a big part in creating the unique theme of the Machine Gun Unicorn slot. Players will see various enchanted creatures appearing alongside bloodthirsty zombies, but the most admired symbol on the reels (and probably feared) is the Machine Gun Unicorn. The special creature will act as the wild and will substitute for all other symbols in the game. This will ultimately increase your chances of winning and will also appear stacked on reel 3!

Both Ways to Win:

Players may be a little disappointed with only 10 paylines, but will certainly be happy to see a both ways to win system in place. As you know, symbol combinations are usually paid out when the symbols appear from the leftmost reel inwards, although, in this game, players will see the wins appear from both directions – from the rightmost reel and the leftmost. This then means that there is a better chance of winning and you could even win multiple prizes on the reels!

Bonus Symbol:

The Machine Gun Unicorn is the only unicorn in the land with the ability to fend off large waves of zombies as it has a chain gun mounted on its head. Any zombies that come anywhere close to you will be blasted away, and the danger will be kept to a minimum. When the Machine Gun Unicorn symbol appears in the middle of reel 3, it will open fire on all zombie symbols on the reels, while at the same time award random cash prizes for everyone it destroys. So maybe you do want to see the zombies after all!