Reach for your fedora hat, leather jacket, and whip, and brace yourself for your biggest online slots adventure, as NetEnts-primed ‘Lost Relics' is bringing out the Indiana Jones and Lara Croft in all of us this summer. The much-anticipated new 5 reel, 5 slot online slotbuster is going down a storm among virtual casino fans, despite being acknowledged as something of a slight departure for the popular software provider. Largely due to keeping players guessing as to what lies behind those 25 big money reels. But then, digging is what archaeologists are supposed to do!

Our Verdict:

Ancient temples, Tomb Raider-esque heroine, fantastic new behind-the-scenes software, familiar themes; what's there not to like?! NetEnts have pulled out all the visual stops again, together with stuffing this virtual slots with all things player-friendly; bonus features, Android and iOS-operating and effortless usability. The Extra Wild feature featured in the base game is a nice touch too, plus costs to get started aren't going to break the bank (from 20p per spin).

Wild Symbol:

The wild symbol to keep tabs on is a gold snake, but not just any gold snake wrapped around a ruby (which symbolises a pretty impressive pay-out in right context). This particular snake is one with the letter ‘W' emblazoned across it, and if/when putting in an appearance on the reels signals huge gains. Simply because it contributes towards wins in exchange for all other symbols, with the exception of scatters. Re: Extra Wild feature note above, this comes into play when 3 extra wilds spin round which aren't within winning clusters. 5 on the bounce equals 15 extra wilds!

How to Play:

Relatively straightforward in terms of game play, despite NetEnts throwing us an operating platform curveball. Catching the online slots community off guard, this Cluster Pays software infrastructure empowers 6 matching symbols to populate what constitutes a winning cluster. Providing they're aligned with each other vertically or horizontally. Cluster-wise it's not beyond the realms of possibility to generate a whopping 25 symbols, all nudging one another; and which financially equates to a sizeable pay-out if and when they do converge simultaneously.


Whilst stopping short of being a game-changer, Lost Relics is by no means a slouch in the graphics department; nor sound effects. Pictorially channelling Indiana Jones, the accompanying SFX also follow these pointers. All of which strikes a chord of approval with us. The symbols discovered on the reels are also deft touches by the creative brains behind the virtual slot game (diamonds, daggers, Roman helmets and clubs, all crafted in ye ancient styles), with everything about it feeling just right/never teetering close to the precipice of overkill.

Bonus Features:

Two stand out from the pack, namely the free spins and hidden chest features. The former exposes itself if a scatter symbol makes its illustrative presence felt on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same juncture. Cue the awarding of 10 free spins for your good fortune. The latter refers to trunks masquerading as reels, only coming to the fore under certain pre-determined circumstances; which when the appropriate moons and tides combine, foretell extra free spins, coin wins and sticky wilds for players.