Players will be swept away to the Far East of the world to embark on a dazzling adventure where they will witness one of the most stunning light shows of all time. We didn't realise how beautiful and peaceful Chinese lanterns could be, but Lights by NetEnt, which is available to play on both mobile and desktop devices, has provided players with an unbelievably attractive and peaceful slot game. What's, even more, attractive than the elegance of the fireflies as they move through the night sky lighting the way to a big prize.

Our Verdict:

his game epitomizes the culture of China. It is elegant and tranquil so players will be instantly relaxed when they spin the reels and watch the beauty tumble around them. The game is set up like a typical NetEnt slot game, but there are only a modest 9 paylines. Players should not let that distract them from the game, however, as the features on offer will more than makeup for this. The sublime graphics make this one of the most smoothing games on the internet. Will the lights guide you towards a Chinese fortune?

Wild symbol:

This is where the game is at its best. Chinese lanterns are one of the most glorious things to see at night time as they fill the night sky with a ray of power and peace combined into one. Something else that is peaceful, yet very powerful is the swarm of fireflies that surround a position every spin. The swarm of elegant fireflies act as the wild symbol for this game and what makes them so special is that they will appear after every spin. At least 2, will appear every spin, with the possibility of 4 surfacing. The wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols in the game, except the scatter.