Out of all the casino games, roulette is probably one of the most played, especially online.  With a growing demand for online roulette games, Microgaming offers a wide range of variations, and one of them is French Roulette. Whether you're a seasoned casino player, or you're just relatively new to table games, you're guaranteed to have lots of fun playing French Roulette. It's a bit different to your average game, but that just adds to the excitement and the payouts are really impressive so what's not to like?

Our Verdict:

French Roulette is pretty similar to original roulette, but the table is slightly different as it offers you different betting options which add a bit of variety to the game. Microgaming always does a great job of creating immensely good online games and this one doesn't disappoint. They use 3D graphics to bring really the game to life. When you enter the game, you'll feel as if you're standing next to the roulette wheel in a real life casino. The only thing missing is a waitress to bring you a martini – shaken not stirred, of course. Other than that you can't knock this game.

How to Play:

With the different betting options on offer you might find French Roulette a bit daunting at first but don't worry it's easy peasy. The only thing you really need to get around is the betting options but don't worry that will come to you. The objective of the game is to bet on the number that you think the ball will land on. There's a host of different betting options available to you, and you don't necessary need to bet on a single number.

How to Bet:

To place your bet all you just need to click on an area of table where you want to place your chips. Once you have done that you just need to click on the spin button and the roulette wheel will start spinning. French Roulette comes with a bet call feature that offers additional betting options. If you don't fancy any of these new betting options don't worry you can still bet as normal. You can bet on a single number or split number, or you can even bet on the properties of the number such as the colour.


The payouts vary depending on what type of bet you place because some of the betting options have better odds than other. With solid number returns, players will get a payout of 35:1 and split bets with 17:1. The outside bets will payout 1:1 and column bets will payout 2:1 which is a little less because they are considered to be the safer option. If you're after a big win, then you will have to put some thought into the way you bet. There are many ways for players to win when they play French Roulette so why don't you give it a go today?