If you have ever wanted to get up on the stage and showcase your DJ talents to the world then this brand new creation by ELK will be your perfect slot game. You'll be getting the chance to spin the decks, spin the reels, create tunes and win jackpots, which is the ideal way to spend any spare time. This colourful slot game combines the world of music technology and slot games with the end result will fill the players' ears with innovative tunes and their pockets with winnings.

Our Verdict:

The game itself is an incredibly lively affair and the slot developers have managed to cram a lot into the game. They have done a fantastic job with the colour scheme and incorporating slot game symbols to fit into the theme of the game. Players have 20 paylines to win from, as well as an elusive range of bonus features to activate. All of this adds up to a whole load of fun for players and there's no end to this party.

Wild Symbol:

On the reels, players will see many flashing lights and vibrant colours – exactly what you would expect from a DJ performance. The developers have done a great job of portraying the classic slot games in a theme related style, with some traditional fruit machine symbols appearing in the game. Although, the most important symbol on the reels is the wild symbol, substituting for all other symbols in the game and, therefore, creating more winning combinations per spins and winning players more prizes.

Wild Symbol Re-Spin:

With a name like DJ Wild, players would be expecting the wild symbol to play a significant role in the game and they are right. The Wild symbol, covered by the game logo, can appear in any position on the reels. Aside from having the ability to substitute for all other symbols, it will also provide players with a re-spin feature. The triggering symbol will expand either horizontally or vertically to cover 2 or 3 positions. After any payouts, the reels will re-spin, with the wild symbols being held in position!

How to Play and Jackpot:

The overall objective of the game is to spin the reels and find matching symbols on one of the 20 paylines. At least 3 symbols must appear on the payline and the size of the payout will depend on the size of the wager and the type of symbol that appears. Players can also find the potential £50k jackpot when they find the jackpot symbol in the middle of the middle reel. That is some payout just for spinning a few decks and matching a few symbols!