If you consider yourself a fan of blackjack, then you are sure to love the brand new game from Iron Dog Studios. 3D Blackjack is a brand new twist on this classic game with fresh graphics, new features and a lot of cash at stake. Although the game hasn't been changed too much, this game is still very exciting, and you should make sure to place your bet on 3D Blackjack before it is too late.

Our Verdict:

If you are looking for a game with extremely high stakes then this might just be the one for you. Players have three chances to beat the dealer each time, and the maximum bet for each turn is £200. Of course, 50p chips are also available for those who aren't feeling as lucky right off the bat. 3D Blackjack has some exciting gameplay and some interesting 3D graphics. Make sure to try it out soon if you want to win big.


If you are looking for a game that will make you feel as though you are in a real casino then you are in luck because 3D Blackjack is exactly that. Players will be shown a stack of chips with different values on them and in 3D form. On the table, there are three places where bets can be placed, and the dealer sits on the other side of the table. Iron Dog Studios have done a great job of designing this game to be simple but professional at the same time.


If you are worried about placing a high bet on 3D Blackjack then you are in luck because Iron Dog Studios have added an exciting feature. The insurance feature involves the player paying a little more on top of their bet in order to still make a win if the dealer gets a blackjack. This bet is 0.5x the initial bet so make sure to look out for this feature.


Everyone loves to take a gamble sometimes, and in 3D Blackjack, there is the perfect opportunity to do this. The double feature lets players double their bet in order to receive a higher payout. To do this, players must accept a new card to their hand and then stand if it does not make them go bust. If the player is lucky, the higher prize will be awarded to them, and their gamble would have been worth it.


Iron Dog Studios have also added another exciting feature to this game which involves doubling your stake and splitting your cards. You'll need to be dealt two cards of the same value to use this feature, but if you do, you might just end up walking away with a lot of cash. Sadly, you cannot call blackjack if you split the hand so make sure to understand your bet carefully before using this feature.