YoYo's Wild is the wild slot game with a fun theme focusing on this popular toy from the 80s and 90s. With a bright neon theme, a tonne of wilds and the chance to take home a huge £10,000 jackpot, this is definitely a game that you will not want to miss out on.

Our Verdict:

YoYo's Wild is a great slot game that will definitely provide childhood flashbacks of when this toy was at the height of its popularity. With a unique theme, bis bonus features and a tonne of wilds this is not a game to miss. Check it out today from as little as a penny per spin up to £2 per spin.


We really love the design of the Yo Yo's Wild slot game, and we think players of a certain generation will too! As you would expect, there are plenty of yo yo's to be found on the reels of this slot game, and you certainly won't miss this slot with its bright neon colour scheme. Players will watch as the yo yo's spin down from the top of the reels and replace the symbols on your reels. Keep your fingers crossed for lots of yo yo symbols to appear on your reels as these are the symbols that will bring in the biggest cash prizes!

Wild Symbol:

The wild symbols is an important aspect of every slot game as it is one of the best ways to take home an incredible big cash prize. This is because the wild symbol will substitute for other symbols on your reels, forming more winning combos and this then results in more big cash prizes heading to your account! The red yo yo is your wild symbol in this game and acts as a standard wild would.

Bonus Feature:

This is the big bonus feature in the slot game Yo Yo's Wild, and it will help you take home some even bigger cash prizes. To start this round, you will have to land bonus symbols on your reels, and this has to be in a combination of 3. This feature is fantastic as it will add lots more wilds to your reels which means more chances of winning combinations and big cash prizes. What players will also love about this feature is that other cool yo yo tricks will be triggered such as the Around the World trick that we all remember from our younger years.

Gamble Feature:

Finally, some players will want to check out the gamble feature. This is quite a risky feature, but if you are big risk taker, then this will a great option for you. All you have to do is correctly guess the right answer, and you will be able to double your winnings! However, if you get the answer wrong, then you will, unfortunately, lose all of your winnings.