If you are fond of spell-bound slot games and magic prizes then the Winning Wizards game is perfect for you. Become a wizard for a while and work your magic to earn yourself the biggest prizes this game has to offer. Hangout with the most successful wizard as he tries to help you win big in this slot game with the help of his magic stuff and wonderful wizardry powers in this slot game created by Microgaming.

Our Verdict:

Use the spell book to craft your own wins and become a sorcerer's apprentice when you play this 5 reel slot game. The game creates an almost fairy-tale atmosphere although the game may be a fantasy the wins are all real and your bank balance will be the subject of the magic. Another classic and inventive slot game by Microgaming, which we have all come to expect from the slot game developers, the graphics and symbols may be a little uninspiring, but the gameplay will appeal to all seasoned slot players.


On the reels players will notice symbols that are commonly associated with mystical wizards. Different items will provide different sizes of wins depending on high you are betting per spin. The symbols that appear on the reels include; the Winning Wizard himself, his glowing crystal staff, a huge spellbook, a magic potion bottle, a shiny golden ring and the typical slot game symbols like Jack, King, Queen and 10. Each symbol represents a different value and payouts depend on which symbols appear, how many on a pay line and the size of your total bet.

Ways to Bet/Payout:

The simplicity of the game is epitomised in the easy way that players can place their bets. Players can increase the size of their bet using the buttons at the bottom of the reels and can range from £0.25 to £25 per spin. The more players play with the higher the payouts will be, with the Wizard paying out the highest amount of a whopping 10000x your stake. His magic staff is the 2nd highest and will payout 5000x your stake, so the game certainly isn't shy with the size of wins.

Bonus Game:

Something that may come as a disappointment to many slot game players is the absence of the bonus symbols Microgaming have become so famous for including in their slot games. However, the disappointment may be helped with the fact that the Winning Wizards game pays out both ways, meaning that winning combinations can appear from left to right as well as right to left, therefore enhancing players chances of landing more frequent wins across the 5 reels!