Blast off to outer space where the wins are astronomical and the slot game experience is out of this world. Hang out with the coolest aliens in the universe as you play yet another classic slot game by the renowned developers at Microgaming. What on Earth is a 5 reel slot game, where players will see all kinds of outer space creatures trying to help you on your quest to take home the cool prizes.

Our Verdict:

Microgaming has again created a classic slot game, with their usual traditional features as well as a fantastic theme for players to enjoy. The game may only have 9 paylines, but the rewards are lucrative and players will also have the help of some special bonus symbols to aid them to victory. Players can enjoy this slot game, no matter what their playing style is.

Wild Symbol:

When it comes to slot games, players will need all the luck they can get, they will also need all the help they can get from symbols in the game. The Wild symbol will do exactly that; it will help players rack up big wins and give them a better chance at landing those valuable combinations. Covered by the What on Earth logo, the Wild symbol will only substitute for the alien in the window symbol and the control panel symbol, but this will still give players a great chance at winning more prizes.


In the What on Earth slot game, the special thing about it is that players have 3 opportunity to trigger the bonus game. There are 3 different scatter symbols in the game, the 3 various coloured spaceships, each will blast you off to the bonus game when you find 3 of them on adjacent reels. During the bonus, game players can win big prizes and multipliers.

Beat ‘Em Up Bonus Game:

After you have alighted from the spaceship, you will now be in the bonus game. In this game, your aim is beam as many earthling items into space before the timer runs out. Each item represents a different multiplier, with the lady in the towel being the most desirable item to beam up as she will reward players with a 200x multiplier!

More Info:

You will also have the chance to participate in the Destination Bonus when you find the globe symbol in the original bonus game. In this feature, you will travel to a more populated area in the world where you will have to find items that match up to the location you have travelled to. Each item is something that is commonly associated with the place you have travelled and when you find it, you will win yourself a cool 400x multiplier!