Get ready for the best Luau of your life as you take on the 5 reels in Iron Dog's latest slot – Wai Kiki. Hawaii is a beautiful place, and, in this game, you get to experience what it is really like, whilst winning yourself some money at the same time. Feeling brave? Bet as big as £100 per spin on this game or go as low as 25p if you want to take your time. Wai Kiki is a great game, and you will love when you try your first spin on it.

Our Verdict:

If you want to play a game that is going to get you in the summer mood then you should try out Wai Kiki. This game has 25 paylines and 5 reels for you to play on. For those players who want to win big, there is a 500x jackpot, so if you're betting the maximum bet of £100 per spin, then you are likely to win a lot of money. The bonus features on Wai Kiki are interesting, and they will keep you coming back for more.


Iron Dog have obviously spent a lot of time perfecting the Hawaiian theme that this game has. In the background, you'll find a beach and some palm trees that will make you feel relaxed as you take a spin. The main symbols include a cocktail, a fishing hook, a surfboard and a turtle which comes in handy for the bonus features.

Wild Symbol:

The Pink Flower symbol is the one that you need to look out for in this game. When you spin the reels, and the flower appears, you can use it to swap out another symbol in order to make a winning combination. Unfortunately, you can't do this for the bonus symbols, but you can with the main symbols on the reels.

Bonus Features:

Although there is no set scatter symbol in Wai Kiki, you will find that when a wild symbol manages to land right on top of a turtle that is placed in the centre of the reels, it will turn int this game's scatter symbol. This is called the Turtle Bonus, and with it, you'll be awarded 100 coins. The other great bonus on this game is the Fishing Hook bonus which is awarded when you are able to land some fishing hooks on either side of the turtle in the centre reels.

Free Spins:

In order to activate the free spins feature in Wai Kiki, you'll need to land a Free Spins symbol in the middle row of reel three. On top of this, you'll also need to land Ukulele symbols on either side of the Free Spins symbol, so this isn't too easy to do. The good news is that the reward for doing this is pretty good – you'll get yourself 21 free spins to play with. This will give you the opportunity to get closer to that jackpot prize.