In Wacky Panda, a group of usually gentle, bamboo-eating Chinese bears go blissfully bonkers in a classic three-reel, one-payline online slot by Microgaming. Five pandas are on the loose, and while they're busy creating havoc on the reels, they could cause an avalanche of cash to land in your lap.

If you're relatively new to online slot games, Wacky Panda is a great place to start as it doesn't include any complex bonus features, neither does it cost a lot to play. The bet-per-spin can be set to as little as 1p and a maximum of £15, and yet the top pay award is still worth a mighty 3,333 times your stake!

Our verdict:

Glitch-free gameplay, great graphics, and simple rules are just some of the contributing factors that make Wacky Panda such an entertaining title to play on your desktop or mobile. The 95.00% to 96.00% RTP (Expected Return to Player Rate) is also an excellent indication of how much of your money you can expect to be returned to you in the long-term.

How to Play:

To get started with this animal/Asian-themed Microgaming slot, you must choose how much you wish to stake per spin, and how many coins you wish to play per line.

For one coin per line, the betting range allows for 1p to £5 per spin; for two coins per line, the betting range allows for 2p to £10 per spin, and for three coins per line, the betting range allows for 3p to £15 per spin.

As you alter the coin size, you'll see the prize amounts on the paytable increase or decrease accordingly.

The Settings menu can be found on the far-left, and as well as allowing you to change the Coins Per Line and Coin Size, it gives you access to the game sound options and the Quick Spin function.


The scenery comes courtesy of a beautiful bamboo forest with a lake in its centre, and there are tall reeds of bamboo surrounding the water's edge as well as a majestic waterfall on the right-hand-side.

A modern oriental soundtrack gives the Wacky Panda slot a kitsch and fun vibe, and you can also hear the sound of the waterfall pounding a steady stream of water into the lake below.

The symbols that are used in the game include a mix of traditional fruit machine symbols such as grapes, melons, and bananas, and the five Manga-style pandas. Wacky is definitely the best way to describe these creatures which come in a variety of different hues and have their own crazy characteristics. For example, the highest-paying panda is wearing half a watermelon as a hat; another panda who has slipped on a banana skin is crying uncontrollably, and a third is wearing sunglasses and a massive grin.


As the Wacky Panda online slot doesn't use scatter symbols, wild symbols, or special features, the rules are easy to follow. Simply land three matching symbols on the one and only payline, and you'll receive a cash prize. It's worth noting that you can also score wins by getting just one or two of the top-paying panda symbols on the payline.