If you haven't played the Pollen Nation slot game before then, make sure you take your hay fever tablets before you give it a go, or you'll be sneezing. This game is absolutely fantastic, so it's guaranteed to have you buzzing especially if you end up taking away the jackpot prize! If you want to discover inside the most productive and rewarding beehives on earth, then this is the game for you! Players will have the chance to see how bees operate on a day-to-day basis as they work tirelessly for their Queen Bee, the ruler of the entire hive. The more bees that do their jobs correctly, the more rewards players will earn!

Our Verdict:

This slot game is completely different to what we expected, but that's a good thing because it's beyond our wildest dreams. The theme is very comical and original, with the cartoon style and the bee puns that are everywhere, just like the honey.  This really enhances the gaming experience, but the sweetest thing about this game has to be all the prizes and bonuses that are on offer. There are 25 paylines which means there're plenty of chances to win, and the game is really easy to play so you must BEE excited to start spinning the 5 reels… sorry pun was intended!

Wild Symbol:

As expected from the theme the symbols in the game are all bee related including different types of bees which are all portrayed in a cartoon style. There also various other honey associated items that appear. The symbol that players and the worker bees should be aware of is the Queen Bee, who is the most influential bee in the hive and the most powerful in the slot game. She has the ability to substitute for all other symbols, except the scatter which gives players a greater chance of landing more winning combinations!


The scatter symbol is represented by another bee that is the busiest bee in the colony. He buzzes around from flower to flower and reel to reel pollinating everything he touches. The Scatter Bee also gives players a special payout when it appears as part of a winning combination so just as well he's a busy bee. If it appears 5 times, players will receive a sweet 80x multiplier on their stake.

Bonus Game:

Players can also activate the babee bonus feature when they find at least 3 babee bonus symbols scattered across the reels. Once the feature starts, players will have to help babee fill his holes, as they are covered in sticky honey. The honeycomb contains various cells that the babee needs your help with to fill in and reveal cash prizes. Players will earn the chance to pick as many holes as they can until they reveal the word STOP. This will signal the end of the feature, so try not fill the wrong honeycomb cell for babee as you won't maximise your potential payout!