The Mythical Maiden slot game visits the attic of a once great explorer that is sure to be a cool experience as you get to see new things and get an insight into other lifestyles and cultures. The only reason to go inside a room full of old relics and ancient artefacts that may be haunted is that you could get a good slot game out of it and that is exactly what you will get when you play Mythical Maiden. Are you brave enough to go up in the attic to see what treasure you can find?

Our Verdict:

Explorers travel all around the world collecting different artefacts so the things stacked in the attic is bound to give you an idea on where this particular explorer has been. It appears no one has been inside this room in a while so you can take advantage of this by being the first to scoop up the hidden treasure packed away in boxes and chests. The 5 reel 30 paylines comes with a couple of very special bonus features and a wild symbol that really enhances the gaming experience for players.

Wild Symbol:

On the reels you'll see all the creepy things that can be found in the attic including spiders, treasure chests, skulls and much more. These symbols may send shivers down your spine but don't be scared because they're there to help you win. There's also the wild symbol that is pretty cool because it's the moon that changes to a skull and back again. The wild symbol can substitute for all symbols in the game except the scatter to help you win and for every win that the wild symbols are involved in your prize will be multiplied by 3.

Scatter Bonus:

Another spooky symbol on the reel is the scatter which is represented by glowing orbs. What's really exciting about this symbol is that it triggers the free spins bonus game. If you're lucky enough to land 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels you will be rewarded with up to 30 free spins that are determined by the number of triggering symbols. During free spins, the iron maiden will be opened, what fate does it hold for?

Iron Maiden:

The huge coffin-shaped box on the right of the reels which is padlocked shut will be opened when players enter the free spins bonus game. The powers of the Iron Maiden are unrivalled and players can increase their free spins and the size of their multipliers when it opens up. During free spins bonus game the Iron Maiden will fire out different prizes such as multipliers of up to 10x and up to 2 additional free spins. Any win will be multiplied even the wild symbol so there's big money to be won here.