Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold

Undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games anywhere in the world, Blackjack has found itself the focal point of another exciting and fresh online casino game developed by Microgaming. Find yourself lurking on the edge of a green velvet table, with multiple amounts of hands to play from as you aim to beat the dealer and take home one of the numerous prizes to be won. Premier MultiHand Bonus Blackjack is for the players who enjoy the standard idea of normal blackjack with an added twist to it, to improve your Blackjack playing experience.

Our Verdict:

Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular casino games to play, but it is also probably the easiest game to play as well when it comes to the casino environment. Players will love the idea of new features to play with, with the likes of bonus bets and various ways to bet. With 5 chances to beat the dealer and 2 sets of 52 cards, players will surely fancy their chances of taking home the big prizes on offer and will love using the additional features included.

Bonus Hands:

As the title suggests, there is bonus ways to win and the bonus ways to win in this game can be substantial. On top of Blackjack (Ace + valued card of 10) being a slightly higher payout to standard winning cards, players have been given 3 extra ways to increase their winnings with special bonus hand combinations. Players can earn a payout of 5:2 when they win with cards of the same suit. They can increase the size of payout to 25:1 when the Jack appears alongside the Ace of Diamonds, Hearts or Clubs. And the bumper bonus payout in this game is when the Jack is dealt with the Ace of Spades; this will reward players with a huge 50:1 payout!

Bonus Bets:

Players can choose how many hands they wish to play, obviously playing with 5 hands will increase the size of your bet but it will enhance your chance of beating the dealer or even taking more money from the dealer. On top of the standard betting, Microgaming has included a new ‘bonus bet' option. Players will be able to bet on top of the standard bet; the bet bonus payout will be determined by the combination of the first 2 cards dealt. For example the bonus bet, which can be as high as £25, will payout when you beat the dealer and if you have, for instance, a blackjack your payout will be increased depending on the size of your bonus bet and standard bet.

Ways to Bet:

Players can also bet different ways depending on the hand they have. When you have 2 cards that you feel are winnable if you hit, you can double your bet and get another card as you aim for the top number of 21. You can also ‘split' certain cards to create 2 separate hands. You will have to double your wager, but this will give you another chance to beat the dealer!