Over the years, we have come to expect a certain degree of quality from Microgaming slots, and they just seem to get better and better with every release. Monster Mania gives is based on a classic fruit machine, but it gives it a fun twist with the inclusion of monsters on the reels amongst the standard fruit symbols. Don't be scared though because they're there to help you win. This slot game also comes with 5 reels instead of the 3 reels that you would normally associate with classic fruit machines.

Our Verdict:

Due to the high volume of innovative slot games that developers like Microgaming are producing it's surprising that we've not completely moved away from traditional fruit machines, but Monster Mania gives this old favourite a new lease of life. Monster Mania is anything but dated. Sometimes it's good to play a simple game that you can dive straight into without having to get your head around any complicated features. This game might not have any fancy thrills, but nevertheless, you're guaranteed to have slots of fun spinning those reels.

How to Play:

If you are new to the world of online slots then this is a great starting point for you because Monster Mayhem is super easy to play. Before you start spinning the reels the first thing you need to do is set your bet then once you've done that you just need to hit the ‘spin' button. The objective of the game is to land 3 or more matching symbols across any of the 9 paylines. The size of your payouts will be determined by the size of your wager as well as the number of symbols in winning combination and the type of symbol as some are worth more than others.

Wild Symbol:

On the reels, you can expect to see some monsters, but don't worry this lot aren't scary at all. In fact, they're the cutest and most adorable monsters we have ever seen. The orange monster is guaranteed to be one of your favourites as this lovable little monster will act as the wild symbol for the game. The wild symbol has the unique ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game, except the scatter, giving you a much better chance of landing a win across the 9 paylines!

Scatter Symbol:

There's also a scatter symbol on the reels which is represented by the brain. Unfortunately, it doesn't trigger any special bonus features, but it does give you the chance to win the 100 coin jackpot. The scatter symbol works the same here as it doesn't in any other slot game. It will payout from any position on the reels so you're not restricted to paylines which will make it easier for you to scoop up a scatter win. All you need to do is find 3 or more on the reels, and you'll win a prize. What's really exciting about scatter wins is that they're multiplied by the total wager, instead of line bets.