Back in medieval times, before the radio or television were invented, Jesters would entertain the royal family by putting on a performance. Typical Jesters would juggle or tell stories, but the Jester in this slot game will be putting on a show like no Jester before him has by hosting a bright and colourful slot game for players to enjoy.  NextGen's Joker Jester is a funny and vibrant 5 reel slot game which will see the Jester show why he is the most amusing performer in the land with his lively attitude and skills.

Our Verdict:

This NextGen slot is exactly what players have come to expect from the developer. They use their comical animations and cartoony designs to produce a light-hearted slot game that is full of life and character and then showcase it to the world. This particular slot game revolves around a Jester, who is looking to make a good impression on the king as well as the players. Across the 5 reels, there are 25 paylines to win from - and there are some big payouts to be found. There is also a great range of bonus features waiting to be activated.

Wild Symbol:

On the reels, all of the symbols have been designed in a cartoon style to add some more fun to the game. The symbols on the reels jump out at you straight away with the bright colours and wacky designs which suggest straight away that you will enjoy playing this slot. This enjoyment will increase even further when you see the wild symbol. Covered by the Jester himself, the wild symbol will substitute for all symbols in the game, except the scatter. The Jester will also bounce around the reels and zap wild symbols onto the reels at random points in the game as well.

Juggle Bonus:

In the Joker Jester slot game there are a couple of bonus features that players should look out for such as the Juggle and Barrel bonuses. The Juggle bonus is triggered when players find the basket of eggs symbol on reels 1, 2 and 3. The Jester will show off his juggling skills with 3 eggs and players will have to press the ‘Add Egg' button to add another egg to the performance, but don't get too over egg-cited and make the Jester drop the eggs. If you're lucky enough to come across the golden egg, you will win a bonus prize.

Barrel Bonus:

The Barrel bonus is activated when 3 or more Barrel bonus symbols are found on reels 3, 4 and 5. This feature is basically a pick ‘n' win game where you will see a bunch of barrels that you must look inside each of them to reveal cash bonuses. You will continue to pick the barrels until the Jester appears to end the round. The fun and easy bonus features could be your catalyst to landing a bumper payout in the Joker Jester slot.