As the city sleeps, Jack Hammer is protecting the safety of the people from the evil doctor Wuten in this classic slot game brought to you by NetEnt. The Evil Dr is causing mayhem around the city with his potions and explosive weapons. Jack Hammer needs your help if he is to defeat the doc and you can only do this by spinning the reels and winning prizes, the more that players win, the more powerless the doctor becomes and you and Jack Hammer will be the heroes of the city and also a little bit richer!

Our Verdict:

NetEnt are usually spot on with their slot games, and this game proves to be no different. It would provide you with a sense of nostalgia if you grew up reading comic books, wishing they could one day be a superhero. Now that wish has become true as you stand side by side with Jack Hammer in this 25 payline slot game. Included on the 5 reels are all sorts of super fun and amazing bonuses, but do not be distracted from the task at hand: defeating Dr Wuten and giving the city back to the people!

Wild Symbol:

The reels are full of characters and symbols we'd expect to see inside the Jack Hammer comic book stories. The Superhero would not be a superhero without a trademark weapon and an evil nemesis, and all of that is included throughout the game. The comic book style of the drawings and graphics make the game very exciting and interesting, and the wild symbol is portrayed as a classic ‘POW' sign from old-school comics. This special symbol appears on all reels and can substitute for all symbols in the game, except the free spins.

Free Spins:

Speaking of old-school, NetEnt have also included one of the most retro and most desired bonus features in this colourful slot game as well, just to keep players intrigued. There is the chance for players to win some free spins by finding the laser gun symbol across the 5 reels a certain number of times. The Free Spins symbol can appear in any position in the game and players can win up to 30 free spins when they find 9 of these symbols. That may sound like a lot, but when there is the inclusion of the ‘Sticky Win' feature, the free spins can be triggered very often.

Sticky Win:

This is the main power of this game, it is a new and modern way of providing players with winning combinations, but it keeps the game at a fast pace, and it means the high action is never far away, kind of like the adventures of Jack Hammer. This unique and new bonus feature works like rolling reels. It will be active when players find a winning combination; the winning symbols will remain in the same place, while the other symbols will spin again. If triggering symbols are found and increase the payline, the reels will continue to spin and continue to do so until no more winning symbols are found!