Get ready for the roughest, toughest grannies on two wheels in this fast paced slot. The symbols are knitted, the grannies are made over, and all you need to do is give them a spin to get the fun started. Hells Grannies by Genesis may sound like a joke, but these old ladies are deadly serious when it comes to battling it out to pay out bonuses. This hilarious slot game offers something a bit different to your average slot, and its theme will bring you a laugh on each spin.

Our Verdict:

This slot has to have one of the best themes we've ever seen. Its tongue in cheek approach to the game had us in stitches and each element of the game ties into the running joke. These reels and the pay lines are knitted, but the grannies that lurk on them are anything but your average OAP. This game has an adjustable amount of lines that players can use to switch up their bet to suit their budget.

Wild Symbol:

Though all of these grannies are wilder than you would think there's only one wild symbol in this game. The Knit Fast, Die Warm logo is sure to give any player a chuckle, and it can also give them a large win at the same time. These can be weaved into any pay line if it's missing a symbol necessary to turn it into a winner and they can appear on any of the five reels. This knitted graffiti will appear when it's most needed and instantly make a pay line more successful.

Bonus Symbol:

The skull and crossed knitting pins symbol will be the one to take you into the free spins round and during this time it will be up to you to spin to find out how many you'll get. You'll have to spin both wheels of the bike to find out how many spins you'll be getting and what multiplier you'll get at the end of them. The top one to watch out for is the maximum of 20 spins with a whopping 5x multiplier so respect your elders to find this bonus on your games.

Bonus Feature:

The ringleader of the grannies also acts as a wild symbol in some respects. This dame can trigger a pay out when as little as two appear on one spin, instead of the usual three needed to make a winning combination. This starts with a decent doubling multiplier with the minimum amount on the reels but if you get the maximum of five, then you could see your winnings increased by 1000 times.