We've all played on at least one Egyptian themed slot in our time, but Gods of Giza is one that has no equal. This game will take you into the lap of luxury, and it won't be long before you feel like Egyptian royalty. Instead of a traditional slot layout, this one has something a little bit different, so it's perfect for the player. This game comes to players from Genesis Gaming, who have been dabbling in mythology inspired games recently. If you want to bag yourself serious cash then take this game out for a spin, just watch out for dust storms!

Our Verdict:

We love this slot game because it's so different to any other game out there, as it takes place on a 4x4 grid. The symbols in the game all come from Egyptian culture and add to the feeling of the slot. With poker symbols and representations of Egyptian Gods, this game is a feast for the eyes. The sandy blocks that make up the game shift and are replaced by others when you spin the reels. Just set the bet with the controls below the reels and get spinning to find your hidden riches!

How to Play:

This game is quick to load and even quicker for players to get to grips with, as the rules are so simple. The lines are fixed in place, and there are always 20 of them in play in each game. This means that you only have to concern yourself with the bet, which you can manipulate using the plus and minus symbols. This will take your bet from meagre to eager, and the jackpots will come rolling in. Just hit the spin button to begin, or use the autoplay feature if you'd prefer a life of leisure.

Wild Symbol:

The golden scarab beetle is the wild symbol in this game and can take the place of almost any other symbol. This symbol is easy to spot, and the only symbol that it can't stand in for is the scatter, as this one is just too good. The 20 paylines that criss-cross the reels are where you need to match your symbols to gain the respective jackpot. When the wild symbol comes into play, you'll only need a pair of matching symbols, rather than the usual trio. This also enhances the jackpot associated with the symbol combination, so it's a great symbol to watch out for.

Scatter Symbol:

In Ancient Egyptian culture, the Ankh symbolizes life and in this game, it symbolizes the scatter. The scatter special in that it does not need to appear on any payline to give a jackpot, simply two or more anywhere is enough. If you're lucky enough to find three of these symbols, then you'll be awarded with 8 free spins, but hold on as the reels will be moving throughout. The reels will rotate as you move through the free spins and this will grant you larger jackpots. Try not to get dizzy as you spin through your free games.