With the growing industry that is casino games on the net, developers are always looking for ways to improve their already successful chain of instalments. Microgaming has decided to enhance a standard video poker game into a really impressive and admirable online casino game. The Double Bonus Poker game is exactly what you will be looking for when it comes to big wins and understandable gameplay. A unique poker experience with a few additional features to keep you on your toes.

Our Verdict:

To win on this game, you will need to use your casino knowledge as well as hope for a little bit of luck to be on your side. You won't be trying to beat the dealer or any other players for that matter, just hold and draw your cards and try to win the huge prizes on offer. The size of your prize will depend on how much you like to bet with when it comes to poker, players can play with coins size between 1-5 and, ultimately, the betting can range from £0.25 to £25 per hand.  So anyone who has passion for the famous card game and love of big wins will absolutely adore this unique poker experience brought to you by Microgaming.

Ways to Win:

The rules are simple; you will be dealt 5 cards, and you are looking to have a hand that will be eligible for a win. The type of hand you have will determine the size of your prize. There are various ways to bet and different prizes on offer as a result. Players can play between 1-5 different sections of wins, and each will earn you a bigger prize the more coins you play with. There are 11 different ways to win and just like standard poker, the Royal Flush is the most desirable hand to have. Players must have all cards in a sequence, and they must all be of the same suit, if you are lucky to land this then you will be rewarded with the maximum jackpot of 4000x your stake!

Holding Cards:

In Double Bonus Poker, the objective is to get the best hand possible. Sometimes it is not possible to get a royal flush all the time; however, there are 10 other ways to win, and you will have to be strategic in how you go about claiming a victory. You will originally be dealt with 5 cards, and you will then have to select cards you want to ‘Hold' before the next set of cards is distributing. Don't worry, you won't have to do a lot of work as the computer will hold the cards that you have the best possible chance of winning with, although, you can change it up and select your own cards!

Double your winnings:

Similar to the Gamble mode that often appears in slot games, players will have the chance to double their winnings up to 5 times. There will 5 cards, like a poker hand, with 1 being shown and 4 others being unturned. You will have to guess and select an unturned card and see if it is of higher value than the card at the start that is being shown.