Millions of years ago all sorts of creatures roamed the earth, and the most famous of these is the dinosaur.  Then suddenly one day a meteoroid hit the earth destroying all in its wake and wiped out the poor dinosaurs forever.  Now thanks to Microgaming some the dinosaurs' extinction is not so permanent and several dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops are being resurrected in slot form for our enjoyment in the DinoMight the slot game.

DinoMight is a video slot that has the standard 25 paylines available and plays across three rows and five reels.  The graphics for the game are bright and cartoony in design, which gives it a more classic slot feel.   The backdrop for the game is a colourful prehistoric scene.  The music also follows the theme perfectly and can be described as having a Jurassic Park feel to it.

During the time of the Dinosaurs you had all sorts of wildlife and plant life, and some of which are represented in symbol form on Dinomight.  Inhabiting the reels in symbol form you have six different plant type symbols which make up the lower value symbols.   You also have the higher value dinosaur symbols roaming the reels. 

You have the king of dinosaurs T-Rex himself, you have the famous three-horned Triceratops and famous veggie the Diplodocus.   Another dinosaur that lurks on the reels is DinoMight's very own Triggersaurus, who is used to trigger a bonus game.

Wild Symbol:

The DinoMight Logo is the wild symbol on this slot game.  This symbol will act as you would expect it to as a wild and substitute for all symbols on the reels to produce winning combinations.  This symbol won't substitute for the scatter symbol or Triggersaurus symbol.

Scatter Symbol:

The amber coloured fossils are scattered symbols on this slot.  These fossils are on every reel and will help you to scatter combinations.  The fossils are also used to trigger one of the two bonus features on DinoMight.  To activate this feature, you must land three, four or five of the fossils across the reels and your mini-game will begin.  In this mini-game, you will be presented with a small mini grid where you are asked to pick squares.  You will keep picking squares until you have unearthed four matching ones.   This game guarantees a prize and multipliers are also on offer.

Reels Bonus:

DinoMight's unique dinosaur, Triggersaurus, is the key to this bonus feature.  The Triggersaurus symbols will be used to activate the feature.  To activate the feature, you just need to land three, four or five across the reels from one spin.  You will then be faced with a choice to select one of the Triggersaurus on screen, and you will then win a coin prize.  On this feature, you can increase your odds of activating it by playing more paylines as the feature will only be triggered by landing them on active lines.