Gamevy has taken on board the knowledge that diamonds are a girl's best friend to provide you with a gleaming casino game that is bound to catch your eye – Diamond Deal! This unique slot game will see you uncovering lots of sparkling diamonds in the hope of finding a big cash win. This slot game could definitely replace your diamonds as your best friend if it bags you the whopping £100,000 jackpot prize!

Our Verdict:

If you have played Epic Gems or Boss the Lotto, no doubt you are familiar with the style of games that developers Gamevy create and are well-known within the industry for. Diamond Deal follows a similar structure to these games and offers players something a little different to just your standard old slot game. Diamond Deal is instantly recognisable as a Gamevy game with its high-quality graphics, big payouts, no reels, and modest betting range. This game can offer you much more than diamonds with its big cash payouts, so why not give it a try today with bets starting from just £1!

How to Play:

When you first open up Diamond Deal it may be a little overwhelming as it is nothing else like you have ever played before online but you've got the hang of the rules you'll be flying through this game in no time at all. Players will, firstly, have to select their bet and then they will be taken to another screen which features a huge grid filled with 50 different sections. You will then have to uncover the grids in the hope of discovering a sparkly diamond! Grids featuring diamonds will count as a win while grids that do no hold a diamond will cause you to lose one of four lives.

Betting Options:

Diamond Deal has a great betting range that will suit a range of players, particularly those who are not looking to wager to high. The minimum bet that can be placed is £1, while the maximum bet is £10 and the more you wager, the bigger the jackpot prize that you can potentially win will be! Choose carefully, however, as the amount you decide to wager will be set for the rest of your game play. This can then, obviously, affect how much you can potentially win throughout the game. Get wagering as much as you possibly can to take home the maximum payout!


While the wagering range in Diamond Deal is not one of the biggest we have ever seen, especially in comparison to slot games, it is by no a negative as you can wager not much at all to grab yourself a huge jackpot prize! As you uncover the diamonds behind the grids players will pocket themselves more cash and the bigger your wager, the more cash this will be. For the biggest jackpot prize, you will have to keep all of your lives intact and find 10 diamonds to grab yourself up to a whopping £100,000 jackpot prize!