The sun is shining and its time to go to the beach to enjoy it. Microgaming has given players the chance to unwind and relax with the added excitement of watching Crazy Chameleons surf wild on the water. The other exciting thing about this trip is that players can also win big prizes. Meet the wildest jungle lizard and all of his friends in the roaring hot summertime slot game session, and have some fun in the sun.

Our Verdict:

Although this can be classed in the league of ‘classic' Microgaming games, as it doesn't have too much in the way of bonus features and has a modest number of paylines (5), don't let that fool you!  What will definitely drive you to play this game due to its wacky theme and bright, colourful nature. Players will enjoy the cartoon-style of the symbols and the chance to win a £25,000 jackpot. This game is perfect if you are a slot game novice as it's super easy to get to grips with, and keep an eye out for the creatures that change colours as they could award you with big wins.

Symbols and Payouts:

With the game being played on the sunny beach in front of the huge blue ocean, it is unsurprising that the symbols are all related to the beach scene. On the 5 reels, players will notice various symbols, such as surf boards in the sand, birds in the sky, swim shorts, the cool looking sun and, of course, the Crazy Chameleon himself. The Chameleon pays out the highest and will provide players with the jackpot when they land 5 of them on a payline.

Wild Symbol:

Apart from the standard symbols, there is also one extra symbol that players should look out for. The crashing wave symbol that appears on the reels will serve a unique function to any other symbol in the game. The Wild symbol has the ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game. This gives players an extra chance to land more combinations on one of the 5 paylines. This symbol adds excitement to the game and keeps players intrigued due to the lack of bonus features in the game.

Ways to Win:

With there only being 5 ways to win due to the number of paylines, players may think that they need an extra bit of help to try and land the jackpot or any other big prizes the Crazy Chameleon slot offers. Although the Wild symbol also helps, players will be glad to know that there is one other way that they can land more winning combinations. Unlike most standard 5 reels slot games, this particular game allows combinations to form from left or right and also right to left!