There are a lot of fantastic American shows that follow the life of a bounty hunter, and now you can experience what it is like to catch criminals yourself with this fantastic slot game from Chance Interactive – Bounty Hunt! Players can take inspiration from some of their favourite tv shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter to lay down the law and arrest those wrongdoers for the chance to take home a massive cash reward for all of your trouble. Do you think you can keep the city safe from those criminals on the run? Take a spin to see!

Our Verdict:

Whether you love watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, Marvel's Jonah Hex, or Star War's Boba Fett, this is a game that all adventurers will love as you set off on a dangerous mission to catch those bad guys and return them to justice with a big cash reward as a prize! Get started spinning on it today from just 25p, or if you really want to crack down on those criminals bet the maximum £25. This slot game is very unique and has lots of interesting bonus features to keep you spinning for hours on end.

Wild Symbol:

The wild symbol in slot games will substitute for all other symbols on your reels to create more winning combinations which will then likely result in bigger cash wins! The wild symbol feature in this game is rather exciting as it is completely different to every other slot game on the market. There is no predetermined wild symbol, and it will be decided by the following Crosshair Target Feature, with every spin of the reels resulting in a neon blue crosshair target. We will explain more about the Crosshair Target Feature in the next section, so carry on reading!

Crosshair Target Feature:

The crosshair target will move over you reels until it stops at one symbol. It will then turn this one symbol into a wild, and if this is lower value symbol it will then become a wild tile! There are a few key symbols you'll want it to land on, and this includes the grenade which turns the entire reel wild. What's more, there is a special crosshair symbol which can drop onto the big boss symbol, turning all of the big boss symbols wild too. There are two other symbols in the game that this will also happen too and they are the Dr. Fury and Hank Blade symbols.

Free Spins:

The scatters symbol in this game is the wanted poster and it is the only symbol that will not be affected by the crosshair target feature as it cannot become a wild. This symbol will trigger the free spins round when the crosshair icon lands on the scatter symbol, and you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. Furthermore, another bonus round will then take place where players will have to catch a criminal! Catch all 3 criminals to get 4 extra wild symbols on your reels for the rest of your free spins round.