Gamevy is known and widely respected for their unique gaming development and different take on the casino industry. Boss the Lotto is a great addition to their repertoire that combines casino gaming with the lottery to provide a fun-filled gaming experience unlike anything else you'll find online. Players may be surprised to find that there are no reels to start spinning in this slot game as they try to bag themselves the huge £100,000 prize that is up for the taking! Confused as to how you win £100,000 from a casino game with no reels? Then carry on reading.

Our Verdict:

Boss the Lotto is not what we would describe as a slot game, but it is hard to categorise it as it is a truly unique game and there is not much else on the market like it. Fans of the lottery will love this game which features no reels and intense, brightly-coloured graphics that will catch your eye. The RTP on this game is only 91%, which is definitely lower than most slot games you will find, however, as long as you have a bit of luck on your side this RTP really does not matter. Players looking for a game that is out of the ordinary will find it within this casino game.

How to Play:

Players love how simple and easy to play Boss the Lotto really is. To begin, make your deposit of the amount that you are willing to bet, press the play button and then the rest really all depends on how lucky you are! There are forty-three good balls to choose from, but there are six bad balls in the mix that you don't want to get. Choose six good balls one after the other and your cash will be doubled! You'll the have to make the decision whether to keep going choosing balls or cash in, but remember, if you choose just one bad ball you'll lose all your money!

Betting and Payouts:

When players pick six of the good balls your original wager will be doubled. Anyone can get started playing Boss the Lotto as games start from £1, just the same as when you bet on a lottery ticket. This will then rise in multiples, and you can pick to wager £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. This may seem like not the highest of maximum wagers at first, but on a positive note, you will not have to wager much to grab yourself a big win! To land the jackpot prize players will need to choose all forty-three good balls and this is quite a unique payout system.

Additional Features:

Players will certainly feel the tension rising with every ball that they choose in Boss the Lotto, as just one bad pick can result in you losing a fortune in big cash wins! There is enough thrill with this to suffice, and for this reason, you will not find any additional features present within the game.