Climb the stairway to heaven or dive deep into the depths of hell with this slot game from NetEnt. Archangels Salvation is a 6 reeled slot game that will have you wondering if you should give your support to good or evil as you spin the reels and get help from these well-known characters. This is a slot game with a twist, and you are sure to have a good time if you give it a spin today!

Our Verdict:

Archangels Salvation is not the first game from NetEnt, but it's definitely one of the best when it comes to the impressive graphics that they have created. With a maximum win of £200 when you stake 50p against a level 10 bet, you can be sure to win big on this game if you are brave enough. Make sure to check out the bonus features as they really help to make this game what it is.


The design of Archangels Salvation really immerses you in the afterlife as you get a glimpse of the devil and the Archangel as they come up against each other. With beautiful 3D graphics and a wide range of different symbols, this game provides excellent gameplay through its design. Probably the best part about the design of the game is the way in which the high win symbols appear in a channel of good or bad rolling down the reels and providing you with high prizes.

Wild Symbols:

Getting a wild symbol in this game is achieved by getting a block of 2x2 of the same symbol. With these symbols, you'll not only be able to substitute them for any symbol except the scatter symbol, but you'll be able to unlock the bonus features. Managed to get a wild symbol in one of the hotspot areas? You'll be able to enter heaven or hell mode and get even more wild symbols to help you win some riches.

High Win Symbols:

You can't talk about Archangels Salvation without mentioning the great high win symbols that float down the screen. If you manage to lock in a stream of blue fire, you will be rewarded with the Archangel symbol prize, multiplied by how many of the lines you manage to fill up on the board. The same goes for the red fire that symbolises the devil's high win which you could win with the prizes going from 6 to 150. These are the symbols that you want to look out for if you are trying to win big.

Free Spins:

This game not only has some great heaven and hell themed bonus features, but it also offers you free spins if you can get yourself some scatter symbols on the board. The prizes for scatter symbols range from 10 free spins for 3 symbols to 25 free spins for 6 symbols. Make sure to be aware that the scatter symbols will take up two spaces on the reels!