With a total of five reels and one pay line, Abracardabra is a slot that is a total guarantee to provide you with a spell-bounding online casino experience that has a hint of a mystical twist.

Our Verdict:

Abracardabra, created by the wonderful NYX Interactive, has proved to be another hugely popular slot game for all that have used it as of yet. Rather uniquely, it is a slot that provides a mix between two of the most popular online casino games – slots and poker. With the option to bet as little as 2p or if you feel going bigger a maximum of £25, you will have the potential to win the big bucks in the top prize of £250,000. So, start playing Abracardabra and make the most of this magical slot.


In short, the game is magic! One thing that has been evidently clear and apparent is the fact that the design itself of the game is extremely bold and eye-catching. Through utilising pleasing on the eye colours and interactive graphics, this is a slot that provides a unique and especially entertaining user experience that will make you feel as if you are truly centre stage in a magic show. As soon as you click on the game, it epitomises what Abracardabra is all about – it is no normal online casino game.

Abracardabra Bonus:

Although there are no wild symbols, Abracradabra certainly more than makes up for it in its available bonuses. One of these hugely rewarding bonuses come in the shape of the Abracardabra Bonus, which you can win up to 10x your stake if you match three or more of the bonus cards. The multiplier will be in accordance to on the number of cards you match, but this is a bonus that has the potential to earn you some wondrous winnings!

Hold Feature:

One of the most popular features of this game is the fact that it has the ability to hold hands. This is largely similar to video poker in which you can hold any cards you wish to keep and thereafter drawing any replacement cards. Holding the cards, as a result, allows you to have a greater chance to win big in the following rounds; therefore this is a feature not to miss out on.

Magic Hat Bonus:

Thought the Abracardabra Bonus sounded good? Well, if you like bonuses and an element of the surprise, then it does not get much better for you than the Magic Hat Bonus. This is a hugely rewarding bonus that is triggered completely randomly when the magician ejects a new card from his hat. The cards that are then drawn from the magician will then, in turn, take the place of the ones that are currently displayed in the playing area. If you are lucky as if by magic, you will be handed more winnings than a spell-book has spells!