The number seven holds great significance in various cultures across the globe.  If you're a fan of numerology, you'll already know that the number seven reflects the seeker and the thinker.  When it comes to online gaming, this number is usually portrayed as Lucky 7 and is often included in classic slot machines.  Gamevy has developed a fun-filled scratch card game based on this popular number.  7 Up! is bound to be a hit amongst new and seasoned scratch card players alike!  Plus, the best thing about this new scratch card game is that it is fully optimised for mobile gameplay.

Our Verdict:

We all know that Lucky 7 has been sued as the premise for many classic online slot games.  Gamevy has taken this classic gaming theme and used it to create a fun-filled scratch card option.  This game offers seven scratchable lines, which means you could win up to seven times with every turn!  Also, as we mentioned above, this game can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.  7 Up! can easily be accessed in-browser from your tablet or smartphone device.  To get started, all you need to do is start scratching the different panels to unveil the hidden symbols underneath.  We're sure you will love the classic design of this scratch card and fun purple colour scheme.

How to Play:

The 7 Up! scratch card game is a great option for any scratch card fan.  To get started playing this brilliant scratchie, you will first need to establish your bet.  With this game, players bet per line field.  You can use the handy + and – buttons to choose the amount you wish to bet per line.  There's no need to worry about a limited betting budget with this Gamevy scratch card, as you can bet from just 2p a line!  Max bets for this scratch card are capped at £70 per line.  Players are also able to pick how many lines they wish to play from 1 right up to 7 lines.

Game Symbols:

If you choose to play the 7 Up! scratch card game you will likely be familiar with most of the hidden symbols in the game.  Gamevy has used symbols you would typically find in a classic slot game.  This means you can expect to see fun fruit symbols including cherries, pineapples, melons, and bananas.  You will also see casino symbols like horseshoes, bars, bells and of course, the lucky seven symbol.  If you're looking to land a huge cash payout, you will definitely want to land three 7's, as this gives you a whopping 10,000x your total stake!

Special Turbo Mode:

The special fast-paced Turbo Mode means you can enjoy super-fast gameplay.  If you choose to activate this special feature, all of the panels will be scratched instantly, and any winnings will flash up on your game screen.  This is great news for busy players looking for a quick scratch card game whilst out on the move.  Also, the Turbo Mode means you can enjoy more games in less time!