Players looking for a new and thrilling instalment of the beloved casino game, roulette, will likely be blown away by the crystal-clear graphics on offer in NYX's latest 3D European Roulette title.  In this version, NYX has successfully created a wonderful life-like version of this beloved casino game, with a super easy-to-navigate interface and plenty of fantastic visuals that help make this an unforgettable gaming experience.  Get ready to take a spin on the incredibly realistic roulette wheel as you make your bets and win big!  Roulette is famous for proving fantastic big wins and this version is no different.  With an unbelievable RTP of 97.3%, this is one game you can't afford to miss out on!

Our Verdict:

We were seriously blown away by the immersive gaming experience this new roulette game delivers!  If you're a fan of classic roulette, you will love playing on the title.  NYX have successfully created a sleek and stylish roulette title with some amazing graphics.  One of our favourite things about this newest roulette game is the fact that players place their bets on the pay table and are then whisked away to a wonderful 3D display of the roulette wheel spinning to a halt.  This really helps this version stand out from the crowd as the high-quality visuals are simply stunning.  Plus, the betting options are varied and offer something for every type of player.

Roulette Rules:

As you can probably tell from the title of this version, NYX's latest roulette game focuses on the European style. This is often the best style for new players as it only has single zero, which is always highlighted in green on the roulette wheel. The American version tends to be a little trickier to get the hang of as it comes with a double zero feature.  This makes this game super easy to follow.

How to Play:

It's super easy to get started playing 3D European Roulette. Firstly, players will need to select how much they would like to wager.  This can easily be done by clicking on the different chip sizes located at the bottom of the game screen.  Bets begin at just 50p and rise to a maximum bet of £200.  To confirm your wager, simply place the chips on the pay table.  If you're unaware of how betting in roulette works, where you choose to place your chips will determine the kind of bet you can make.

Types of Bet:

In 3D European Roulette, players can place a number of different bets.  This tends to be where new players get a little lost.  The first bet you can make is an odds or evens bet, which is pretty self-explanatory.  The second bet is a bet on either red or black.  You can also place range bets which allow you to guess in which range – low, medium, or high – the ball will land in.  The type of bet with the highest reward is single bets on a specific number – they also come with the biggest risk.